Municipality Signs

Municipality Signs

No Maintenance
Outlasts All Others

We've been building these unique entrance displays since 1988. No two signs are ever the same, whether it's a large natural stone/boulder or our very own rock and epoxy signs they will all outlast the competitors. Our signs have been proven to stand the test of time while requiring no money spent on upkeep.

Signs are priced at $185/square foot


This sign has a strong black background with contrasted green and yellow, made for Summerwood

9' x 5' : $8,325


A large rock and epoxy sign custom made for the village of Alix

9' x 8' : $13,320

O'Chies First Nation

A powerfully contrasted rock made for the O'Chies First Nation reserve

9' x 8' : $13,320


This sign is custom made for the village of Consort

10' x 8' : $14,800

Hudson's Hope

A colourful rock and epoxy sign made custom for the town of Hudson's Hope, BC

12' x 9' : $19,980