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Business Entrance Signs

Eye Catching
Maintenance Free

Signs are priced at $185/square foot

Examples of This Product

Pat & Shirley's Ranch

Custom rock and epoxy sign featuring colour artwork for Pat & Shirley's Ranch

4' x 3' : $2,200

Bentley Community Church

Custom rock and epoxy sign featuring three granite plaques for the Bentley Community Church

6' x 4' : $4,440

Wolf Creek

This sign was custom constructed for Wolf Creek Golf Course located outside Ponoka

10' x 4' : $7,400

+ Custom Plus Pad & Pedestals

DeGraff's Camp Resort

Custom rock and epoxy sign featuring colour artwork for the DeGraff's Camp Resort

8' x 5' : $7,400

Adesa Calgary

This large business sign was created and erected at Adesa's Calgary branch

9' x 6' : $9,990

Sunbreaker Cove

This custom rock and epoxy sign features very detailed colour artwork for Sunbreaker Cove.

9' x 6' : $9,990

Legends Golf & Country Club

Custom rock and epoxy sign featuring colour artwork and built in ad for Legends Golf & Country Club

10' x 6' : $11,100

Country Side Golf & C.C.

Custom rock and epoxy sign with stylish artwork for Country Side Golf & Country Club

11' x 6' : $12,210

Ermineskin residential School

This is a sample of a large slate stone completed in 2012. It's 8 feet tall 5 feet wide and 8 inches thick. Weights close to two tonnes and costs between $ 10 and 15 thousand depending upon design.

Girl Guides of Canada

Another large black slate sign completed for the head office of the Girl Guides in Edmonton. this rock is 6 feet X 4 feet and 6 inches thick. It weights 1,550 pounds and cost at the time $ 8,000.

Jones Trucking & Backhoe

This is a Rundle stone from Canmore completed in 1999. It's 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide and 5 inches thick. The stone weighted 2.5 tonnes and priced again depending upon artwork 10 - 15 thousand.

Legends - Champions Nine

Over 40 large stones were completed for the Legends Golf and Country Club located in East Edmonton. All priced according to artwork and the cost to buy and move the rocks. There really is no sign more natural than a stone.

We’ve been building these unique one of a kind entrance displays since 1988. No two signs are ever the same and they all withstand the test of time, with no money spent on regular upkeep. We offer business signs in a variety of style, including large and powerful natural stones and boulders. We also have a style of business sign that we are particularly proud of using our stylish rock and epoxy setup to produce beautiful and colourful signs. Each sign can vary in its size and style and is created by our in-house graphic designer, so the only limit is what you can imagine!

Our entrance signs are produced on demand and require some time to be created which varies depending on the type of sign you want. Each is individually designed, produced and inspected by our professional and driven staff to ensure the best quality possible. Installations are also available as a direct service from us, should you require it.